University of Pittsburgh

All plenary sessions will be presented in Alumni Hall’s 7th floor lecture hall.

Plenary Session 1—Dickson Prize in Medicine Lecture
CRISPR Systems and the Future of Genome Engineering
11:00 a.m., Thursday, 20 October

Jennifer Doudna, PhD
Li Ka Shing Chancellorís Chair in
Biomedical and Health Sciences
Professor of Molecular and
Cell Biology and of Chemistry
University of California, Berkeley

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Plenary Session 2—Klaus Hofmann Lecture
Circuits and Circuit Disorders: Approaches to Neuromodulation
4:00 p.m., Thursday, 20 October

Mahlon DeLong, MD
William Patterson Timmie Professor of Neurology
Emory University School of Medicine

Plenary Session 3—Provost Lecture
Science and Science-Related Policy at Science Magazine
11:00 a.m., Friday, 21 October

Jeremy M. Berg, PhD
Editor in Chief of the Science Family of Journals
Associate Senior Vice Chancellor for Science Strategy and Planning, Health Sciences
Professor of Computational and Systems Biology, School of Medicine
University of Pittsburgh

Plenary Session 4—Mellon Lecture
Genome Regulation by Long Noncoding RNAs
4:00 p.m., Friday, 21 October

Howard Y. Chang, MD, PhD
Professor of Dermatology
Stanford University School of Medicine