in 2017, science speaks for itself

For 16 straight years, our annual Science celebration has borne a theme—usually a few words to capture the scientific zeitgeist. We brought you Game Changers (2016) and Synergy (2002); Next Gen (2011) and On Our Watch (2003).

2017 is different.

It’s ironic that we take this stance now (“Science speaks for itself”) because if we’re discussing the field of science (lowercase science) it’s blatantly untrue. Science doesn’t speak for itself at any time and certainly not in 2017, when even facts don’t speak for themselves.

But you speak for science, even when your words are few. You speak for science every morning that you switch on the lights in the lab, every time you sit down with colleagues and discuss the latest data, and every time you ask each other, How do we get answers that matter? How do we ask better questions?

You speak for science even long after the workday ends, sometimes in public forums and sometimes in small groups when you answer that ubiquitous question, What do you do?
What do I do? Well, I’m part of a team. We try to find answers that help us understand ourselves and the world around us. And when it doesn’t work, we try again. We don’t give up.

Welcome to Science 2017, where we gather to learn, to share, to explore, and to be inspired to redouble our efforts to use science to make our world a better place.