University of Pittsburgh

Scientists—like golden retrievers and children—just want to be unleashed. It’s why we became scientists in the first place, wanting nothing more than to be turned loose in fields brimming with novelty and mystery and to be told, “You are free to explore.”

In our labs, we seek to unleash our own curiosity, but also to unlock potential in our colleagues, collaborators, and protégés. Unleashed creativity—when we are bold enough to allow for it—can lead to unexpected ideas and new approaches to old questions.

When we gather to share our experiences and ideas, we see that there is great science being conducted all around us, and it comes in many guises. We have peers who never cease to push the boundaries, who display uncommon insight or a laser-like focus. Some are calmly analytical, while others can work a problem as relentlessly as a dog works a bone. Those who seek ways to unleash innovation and entrepreneurship, often the mavericks of their fields, are catalysts who generate energy, enthusiasm, and activity all around them.

Here at the leading edge of the 21st century, new ideas and new technologies seem to regularly supply us with unprecedented opportunities to explore and shape the world around us. Meanwhile, many of us have noticed a heightened sense of urgency in our respective fields. We sense that dramatic, life-improving advances are within reach, but only if we can marshal the collaborative forces at our disposal. This drive to unleash human potential to address the most important questions of our time is what brings us together.

In that spirit, we invite you to join us as we convene Science 2015—Unleashed!